Whether it’s for a string of high-rise buildings or for a two-story residence, ESP Inc. can get you the perfect elevator for your needs. Our Elevators are made of the highest quality in our factories in Italy and China, pass international safety standards and are backed up by the highest level of customer after-sales service and support. We make sure that the technical specifications of each elevator is exact to building usage, foot-traffic and capacity needs. We work closely with clients to make sure that manufacturing and construction (shaft and machine-room) go smoothly. It doesn’t matter what needs to be lifted or how many people, if it’s an elevator you need, we can get it covered.

Stairlifts are a relatively new product in the Philippine market that ESP Inc. has decided to put its focus on in keeping with its mission-vision to provide equal opportunity and mobility solutions for persons-with-disability and senior citizens.

They say that home is where the heart lies and ESP Inc. offers the supply and installation of stair lifts to make sure that this remains true no matter what conditions apply to residents. They are custom-built for every kind and design of indoor and outdoor stairs and conform to European safety standards and codes. These lifts make a real difference to your independence at home with no compromise in quality, safety, comfort and reliability. Remain free in your home.

ESP Inc. is dedicated to providing equal opportunity and mobility solutions for persons-with-disability and senior citizens no matter where they go. We believe that this should be kept in the minds of all building owners and administrators. Our Wheelchair Lifts are durable, easy-to-use and are also adaptable for both indoor and outdoor environments, giving persons-with-disability and senior citizens better and more comfortable access to buildings and residences. Convenient and safe, we believe these lifts can raise the



Conveying Systems Supply and Installation


ESP Inc. is authorized to distribute, install, and maintain conveying systems from a diverse portfolio of world-class, cost-effective suppliers so that we can provide you with the conveying systems that are right for your needs and requirements. Backed by our team of expert engineers that have traveled globally to undergo extensive training with each of these brands, we are commited to delivering at the level of excellence that you demand.

Modernization and Rehabilitation


ESP Inc. is founded on principles of continuing learning and innovation. With new technologies to improve your efficiency being developed everyday, we pride ourselves in being able to bring those technologies to you. We upgrade and modernize your conveying systems to ensure that you will always be operating under optimal conditions of safety, reliability, and comfort.

Preventive Maintenance and Repair


Whether maintaining your existing equipment or replacing defective parts with brand-new pieces, our team of expert engineers is well-equipped to conduct your much-needed repairs and ensure that your conveying systems continue to exceed any and all operating expectations.

Audit, Consultancy, and Quality Assurance


Our team is able to develop customized plans, reports, and recommendations across all stages of conveying systems delivery from pre-bidding, project management, and even after-sales maintenance, monitoring, and servicing designed to reduce ownerships costs and attain 99.99% uptime. We ensure that inefficiencies are identified and eliminated, your conveying systems design is aligned to your needs, and that execution is up to the highest international standards to guarantee your peace of mind.